A Hacking Experience Zone that everyone, from a newbie or a master, can join. Not only you can easily learn Hacking skills with our toy examples, but you can also show off your skills by participating in the Open CTF (Capture The Flag) competitions.
Don’t forget to bring you own laptop to the event!

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Day 1 - Oct 29

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Day 2 - Oct 30

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* The schedules may change without prior notice.

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Bring your own laptops

Everyone who wants to attend Open CTF event needs to bring their own Laptop.

Hacking 101

Is your code secure? Hacking 101 is a hacking tutorial zone where you can learn hacking skills such as Attack, Defense and Reversing. Don’t worry if you’re a noob in security!
We have prepared toy examples with their own step-by-step guide and skillful hackers ready to assist.
If you complete your tutorial, you might be in for a surprise!

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Open CTF

CTF (Capture The Flag) is a well known hacking competition. We have prepared challenges in 5 categories: Attack, Defense, Reversing, Crypto, and Coding Jeopardy-style. The competition will give you a different category of challenges for each session.
At the end of each session, there’ll be an awarding ceremony and a lucky draw!
Whoever has the most flags wins! Not just prizes that we’ve prepared but also serious bragging rights.

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