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Rules for having fun

  • You can achieve points by submitting a flag , 'SCTF{something}' which can be obtained by solving each challenge.
  • The score of some challenges dynamically changes according to the number of solvers.
  • If players tie, first come first served.
  • Registration MUST be done on your own and players take the responsibility for any disadvantage from the false entry.
    Please note that email address will be used for password recovery.
  • For your safety, password should be at least 8 characters consisting of alphabets, numbers, and special characters. If it is a combination of two types, its length should at least 10.
  • Until the event ends, players MUST NOT share the write-ups or tips related to the challenges.
  • Any illegal access to the challenges or servers is NOT ALLOWED.
  • Any illegal attempt to disturb this event is NOT ALLOWED.
  • All activities will be monitored and all players take the responsibility for their activities.
    Any illegal activity will be handled by Legal Counsel at Samsung.
  • All inquiries MUST be done in DISCORD.